Best Suburbs in Gold Coast to Invest in 2023



27 Mar 2023

The effect of global pandemic is huge in Australia. The COVID-19 restrictions, lockdowns and extreme health conditions are some of the key factors that has changed the mindset of people.

Now, they are more focused on living a healthier, peaceful and joyful life. They have shifted their preferences towards laidback, spacious and greenery parks and reserves. The work-from-home options encouraged people to choose suburbs over metropolitan cities when it comes to investing or buying a property in 2023.

Property investors are heading towards suburbs in Gold Coast because these places are great for rental returns- all thanks to amenities, high demand for spacious homes and laidback lifestyle.

According to the latest survey, the Gold Coast’s median house price sits at over $1 million, while units are available at just $655,000.  That’s one of the reasons why people are investing in suburban properties.

Here are some of the best suburbs in Gold Coast to invest this year:

Surfers Paradise

Renowned as a tourism and entertainment centre of Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise is a beautiful and well-developed suburb that offers high-rise buildings, spacious home, stretched beaches and much more. It welcomes more than 10 million tourists every year and that’s why it is the best investment picks across the city.

Whether you want to buy a residential property or a commercial one, the suburb can help you boost your capital growth and secure your long-term income plans. Investing a property in Surfers Paradise has the potential to change your life.

The median sale price of a property in Surfers Paradise is $2,899,000  and average rental price  is $1,325 per week and the property price for unit is $545,000 while the median rent is $500 per week. The demand for properties in the suburb is increasing and that’s why it is perfect place to invest in Gold Coast.


The mesmerising suburb is popular with tourists and locals- all thanks to golden beaches, entertainment hubs and family-friendly ambience. Believe it or not! Broadbeach is a hotspot for property investments and has plenty of options to offer to property investors.

The census also shows around 40.6 per cent of properties are owner-occupied. The median property price in Broadbeach is $1,800,000 while the average rent is $600 per week. The average unit price is $720,000 while the rent price is $592 per week.

It is perfect suburb to invest in Gold Coast if you are looking for an investment opportunity in Gold Coast and focus on boosting your capital growth.  Do proper research and focus on residential property prices in different cities so that you can choose the right option.


Situated on the outskirts of Gold Coast, Arundel is an affordable suburb that has a booming real estate market. This place is ideal for families with children, couples, working professionals and students.

The suburb offers an easy access to public transport and offers high-end amenities. It also boasts one of the largest golf courses in Australia and you can find various entertainment hubs, restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals and decent schools.

The median house price in Arundel is $900,000 while the average rental rent is $ 737 per week.


Southport is a coastal inner city suburb of Gold Coast, located close to the CBD. It is a lively place offering high-end local facilities, schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, stylish cafes and high-rise residential properties.

It is home to the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre and Seaworld Theme Park, and much more. When it comes to the real estate market, the median house price in Southport is $910 and the average rent is $700 per week. If you are planning for a property investment in Gold Coast, look no further than Southport.


Are you looking for traditional residential properties on the Gold Coast? Look no further than Labrador. It is one of the oldest suburbs of Queensland, Australia, offering beautiful homes, modern and conventionally-designed properties and much more. You can find all types of amenities, ranging from school facilities, healthcare options, restaurants, cafes and a robust commercial hub.

The median property price in Labrador is $875,000 and the average rent is $650 per week.  It is good to do proper research about the real estate in Australia and focus on important aspects that can help you make the right investment decision.


These are some of the best suburbs in Gold Coast to invest in 2023. Whether you are looking for a high-rise apartment or a traditional cottage, do proper research and find the right property for a long-run investment.

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