Top Property Market Trends in Australia for 2023



27 Mar 2023

The New Year comes with a lot of new opportunities, property investment resolutions and market trends. Australia has the most thriving real estate market- thanks to the growing demand of residential and commercial properties in different regions, suburbs and cities of the country.

It is always good to do proper market research, understand the property prices trends and other influencing factors that can affect your property investment decision.

Whether you are planning to invest in Sydney real estate market or the Melbourne market, keep the following trends in mind that are predicted for 2023.


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Affordable Locations Dominate Growth

According to property experts and advisors, affordable places in Australia have been performing well when it comes to buying or investing in a real estate property. Adelaide, Darwin and Perth have been growing due to high demand for affordable properties. The key regional centres of Australia are also high in demand among property investors and home owners.

The booming sectors in these areas are the most economical suburbs.  Unfortunately, the property markets in biggest and metropolitan cities are down while the cheaper locations continue to thrive. This trend will affect the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne property market.

People are also looking for affordable places to buy beautiful homes because these locations offer great amenities, spacious homes, safety and high-end infrastructure facilities.

Adelaide and Perth Are Property Hotspots

There is no denying that Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast are the hotspots of Australia. Property investors and home owners have always been heading towards these metropolitan cities.

But the New Year will be dedicated to Perth and Adelaide. The suburbs of these cities are representing structure of increasing sales in the last three quarters. Of course, Adelaide and Perth are the capital cities of South Australia and Western Australia, but the real estate market is slowly and steadily growing with great margins.  There is no denying that Perth has all the key features, infrastructural facilities across the city, and much more. This has been a great factor attracting property investors and home buyers.

According to the new stats, small cities were more dominating than the three metropolitan cities of Australia.

Increasing Demand of Units in Good Areas

People are choosing affordable units over high-rise and expensive house and apartments. They are heading towards locations where they can find beautiful units at the most affordable price.

The capital city of NSW has been falling from the middle of 2021, but the Canterbury and the Inner West remain high in demand. In fact, Melbourne has seven suburbs that have rising in terms of property sales patter.

It is good to do proper research and find the most affordable units in good areas or inner suburbs where they can find best schools, hospitals, entertainment hubs, restaurants, cafes, shopping complexes, and much more.

In the past few months, the unit buyers has increased and is continue to boom across Australia.

Whether your property is impacted by price falls and gains depends on various influential factors including property type, location, and type. Choosing the right location for  the suitable properties can change the way you make investment decision.

Decline Pre-Dates Rate Rises

According to the recent research, the real estate industry was in a declining phase. The capital of NSW boomed in mid 2021, downturned in late 2021.

In fact, Brisbane, Melbourne ,the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast started declining at the beginning of 2022. However, the demand for properties has been increasing with each passing month. So keep a close eye on the property prices.

Properties Return to Local Factors

There is no denying that the Australian real estate market is impacting the knowledge of consumers depending on the current situation. The new report revealed that real estate is a local affair within the national market. Across regional Queensland, there are more than 120 locations stood up as booming markets.


These are top property market trends in Australia for 2023. It is good to focus on researching real estate in Australia before investing money in property market.

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